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 The INJURYS Inflicted On My Poor Cat Body......DUE to Cas.

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PostSubject: The INJURYS Inflicted On My Poor Cat Body......DUE to Cas.   Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:29 pm

I want you ALL to know that a few days ago, CAS threw me out to the Dogs (Quite LITERALLY!), I sustained a dislocated hip (They had to pop back in) and a Bite to the head.

Cas has MADE UP some story about how I tease and torrorize the dogs next door, and how they couldn't wait to get their claws on me...... BUT THIS IS A LIE! I was ALWAYS nice to those puppies >.< And gave them MY food, and let them play on Cas' PsP, and let them sleep in MY BASKET...and THIS is how I am repaid.

You should have SEEN the evil look on those puppies faces.....

.....I get flashbacks....

.....Ohh the horror.

THEN Cas made up a TOTAL LIE about seeing my poor state as soon as I got home and calling out an All-night Vet and saying that price was no object in my care... LIES! It was...err....a RANDOM stranger who came across me and helped.....

....and paid the bill...

.....Because I'm so great.

I ERGE you ALL to HATE her and Ada as they don't care!

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The INJURYS Inflicted On My Poor Cat Body......DUE to Cas.
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